As I dig inside the myriad passageways that is my memory, I hope to pinpoint the one single defining moment that I decided I wanted to be a designer. Perhaps it came when I was in grade school when during an arithmetic class I was listlessly working on some stylized typography and a couple of figure drawings. A visiting teacher from another classroom looked down at my drawings and said "very nice." I was a little spooked and encouraged as well.

Throughout high school I spent AGO Gallerymy free time at the Ontario Art Gallery looking at coffee table books on design, and was introduced to the likes of Paul Rand and Saul Bass. I also remember subscribing to a couple of indie type foundries so I could pour over their free catalogs.

After high school, I decided very quickly to pursue to a career in web design. It was the late 90's and web design was the "hot new thing". Plus it seemed to perfect blend of technology and art to engage both hemispheres of my brain. I enrolled at a local career college to get a diploma in web design.


I began a freelance career that would sustain me while I pursued outside opportunities and schooling in between. Working clients with I learnt the art of communication to translate pieces of our conversation into a cohesive brand and story. I worked with all types of personalities. Eventually, I wanted to move beyond the visual design of a product. My education at has been extremely fruitful.

I learned to use empathy and data analysis to craft user-informed experiences. As a full stack designer, I have the ability to follow a product from UX research to UI prototypes and html/css/javascript development. From my formative experiences sparked my interest in design, to my education and working with clients, I have learnt the process of research, empathizing with the user, and distilling problems and stories. I am ready to craft well-informed user experiences for your team!